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The Powrtouch Freedom The Powrtouch Freedom caravan mover is designed to fit caravans that have shock absorbers fitted or have a narrow gap (less than 105mm) between the chassis and the tyre, but fitted with a reduction gearbox to provide more moving power to the caravan wheels than all other current traditional caravan movers. Under ideal conditions it is expected that this model will move a 1,500 Kgs (approx 1.5UK tons) caravan up a 1 in 4 slope.


Take a Fresh Look at a Classic... 

  • Our Powrtouch Freedom mover for single axle caravans will fit all standard Alko & BPW chassis with or without shock absorbers.

  • Adaption brackets are available to allow fitment to non standard chassis

  • High strength, high grade steel reduction gearbox giving improved power delivery

  • Ability to engage both rollers from one side via our cross actuation engagement system

  • Powerful enough to move caravans weighing 1500kgs on a 1 in 4 slope (levelling ramps)

  • Robust and durable construction achieved through the use of high grade steel & materials

  • Hard wearing roller construction in aluminium to save weight

  • Precise & accurate soft start Powr drive control giving smooth mm by mm manoeuvring

  • 360 degree directional precision control with in motion directional adjustment

  • Comprehensive directional performance, all with 4 speed settings

  • Multifunction handset and base unit warning indication system

  • Designed & manufactured to the highest industry standards including ISO 9001:2008

  • This industry leading guarantee is fully supported by our factory trained technicians and engineers

  • All this and our unrivalled and industry renowned totally free five year no quibble guarantee for full peace of mind

The Powrtouch Evolution Caravan Mover

The Powrtouch Evolution is a next generation caravan mover and has been designed and developed in the UK. The all new caravan mover system makes extensive use of lightweight alloy materials and an ultra-efficient gearbox, this combined with a new state of the art 'four-pole' electric drive motor giving it significantly increased power to the drive rollers, making it the lightest and most powerful caravan mover available. The innovative dynamic roller location mechanism moves the rollers smoothly and directly on to the tyres, improving grip and driving power by eliminating roller slippage. This innovative new movement design also significantly improves the performance and reliability of automatic operation (Powractuation) of the drive rollers to the tyres.


Powrtouch Evolution single axle caravan mover

This model will fit all European manufactured single axle caravans, and with the new lightweight and compact design, this caravan mover will also now fit all the range of smaller caravans and trailer tents without the need for any extra fitting or chassis modifications. With its exceptional power and improved traction it will drive any single axle caravan or trailer (regardless of its weight) up slopes in excess of 1 in 4 (25%).


Powrtouch Evolution standard twin: (two wheel drive)

This caravan mover will drive any twin axle up a minimum slope of 1 in 4; it now makes no difference whether the unit is fitted on the front wheels or behind the rear wheels because it will give the same performance. Your decision on which twin axle caravan mover to purchase is now down to your space/manoeuvrability requirements. i.e. If only gentle turns in a reasonable space are required then this mover will prove highly satisfactory.


Powrtouch evolution all-wheel drive: (drives all four wheels of a twin axle caravan)

With the addition of a further two driving wheels this feature makes the Powrtouch Evolution 'All Wheel Drive' the ultimate caravan mover system for the highest possible manoeuverability of a twin axle caravan: this is a MUST for those tight turns in limited space.


Powrtouch Evolution Features

  • Still the only caravan mover company to offer our industry renowned and totally unique free of charge, 5 year parts and labour 'no quibble' guarantee!

  • Don't just take our word for it, speak to over 90% of the UK's most respected dealers that choose to promote and recommend the Powrtouch brand.


Manual Engaged Motor Mover


Single Axle           £749  inc vat

Manual Engaged Motor Mover


Single Axle           £860  inc vat


Twin Axle           £1,120 inc vat


Twin Axle 4WD  £1,700 inc vat

Auto Engaged Motor Mover


Single Axle        £1,030  inc vat


Twin Axle           £1,280 inc vat


Twin Axle 4WD  £1,950 inc vat


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